By Amakove Wala – Today’s Review: Zeituni Lodge, Lake Elmentaita

Let me highlight the support I received from Zeituni Lodge, Lake Elmentaita for Kariandusi Day yesterday. First, they offered a subsidised rate for the meals we ordered from them.

Feeding more than 300 people is not a walk in the park! Secondly, they threw in tents and chairs for the event as a complimentary. And third, when I told them I’ll need a couple days off to just rest, they offered complimentary rooms for my team and I for “as long as we needed it”.

So this is me posting from one of their best rooms as I plan to dip myself into the pool later this afternoon. Their meals are fresh. The rooms are moderately priced from Ksh 4000 BnB. They have conference facilities, adequate parking and a very large garden for events.

Surrounding places one can visit in Kariandusi include the Sosyambu Conservancy, Lake Elementaita, Ugali and Sleeping Warrior Hills, Kariandusi Hot springs, the Old Church, Diatomite factory (see the blue building in the background), Kikopey Nyama Choma, and of course, Kariandusi Prehistoric Site!Thank you, Zeituni Lodge, for the weekend treat. I really needed it. I’ve slept for 16 hours straight!




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