Today’s Review: Shetani Lava by Amakove Wala

Touring Tsavo West National Park and wueh! You need a week to absorb everything.
We got the services of Kenya Wildlife Service Deputy Warden for Tsavo West National Park as well as the Ranger stationed at Kilaguni Serena Lodge, Tsavo West, Kenya

Let me share about Shetani Lava. This is one of the geographical wonders of the world. When I checked into Kilaguni Serena Hotel, I noticed the architecture was distinct with these rough stones. I thought it was coral reef and knowing how our reef coast is getting depleted, was a bit alarmed. Little did I know that these stones were from Shetani Lava.

Located past the Chyulu Gate of Tsavo West National Park, this 7000 acres of pure Lava rock cannot be described. It has to be experienced. It has to be touched. It is a feeling of pure unadulterated geography. Looks like someone tilled a piece of land full of stones. I didn’t quite get how long it has been there for but the hill that erupted (didn’t even know hills erupt) is amongst the Chyulu range and now lies dormant. Stands distinctly black against the other hills that are dotted with vegetation. A few trees have defiantly sprouted and held their ground (or is it rock), but most has stood still reminding us of a time long long ago when it was molten red. The locals call it Shetani Lava because they attribute the natural phenomena to the work of the devil..

Amakove rating 12/10…you just have to experience it to see why it has two extra marks. I’ve not seen this place advertised before so good people, if for anything else, visit Tsavo West National Park for rhe Shetani Lava experience. I can also just imagine a photo shoot against the black volcanic rocks…picturesque!


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