So, I think I’ve covered my daily steps target just touring Nokras Riverine Sagana. Wueh! Opened 6 years ago, this place is absolutely beautiful. If it is not the sound of the rushing river Sagana, it is the trees and flowers and beautiful landscaping. I hope I will do justice to the description.
Set on 15 acres (yes, you read that right) along the beautiful Sagana River, it boasts of over 100 rooms (from cottages to deluxe, executives and family rooms), car parks that can take over 300 cars, over ten conference facilities with two able to host over 1000pax, three swimming pools (with a water slide for children and those of us who are young at heart), a massive outdoor children’s park, an indoor children’s play room (a teen room is coming right up). I counted over 5 bars, three kitchens, a massage parlour, gym, grounds that can host over 3000 pax and so much more.
Activities include but are not limited to: kayaking, white water rafting, archery, swimming, gym, fishing, farm tour etc. I plan to visit neighbouring sites like Caves and a cultural museum in Murang’a Town.
Basically, what I am saying is that we had planned to stay a couple of days but we have requested to extend some more to maximise on the visit.
They’ve got fantastic offers for this season. Remember, it is only 2hr drive or less from Nairobi City. I preferred to use the Murang’a town route (you divert through Kenol) rather than the Sagana route simply because I had never been to Murang’a town. The drive is very scenic.
I’ll keep updating the events as they unfold. For now, I am enjoying my sundowner after that long tour…
Oh, and they use solar energy for heating. They also have a massive generator for back up.
They have 3 other hotels: Nokras Enkare, Nokras Murang’a town and Nokras Embu Town


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