Today’s review: Murang’a Gorges Murang’a County
Situated 3km off the tarmac on a murram road (get in through the Rapids Camp signage after Sagana Bridge on your way to Murang’a. Its like 1km after the Bridge on your left). Alternatively, if you after staying at Nokras Riverine Sagana you just use their guide. They’ll be happy to work out your whole itinerary for the surrounding areas.
The place is private property but accessible to all. A small signage nailed to a tree announces your arrival. Parking is under that very same tree. Not much wahala about the entrance but please use the guide Dan, whose number is very clear on the signage. Or just call him on 0743167721.
So the place has been carved out by mother nature through soil erosion over the years since 1996. Water has created natural Gorges and beautiful architecture commensurate of the colosseum of ancient Rome. Some towers look like animal figurines and over the years, the shapes keep changing.
It spans 5 acres and one has to be careful traversing them since it is partly loose soil. Therefore, please use a guide. You’ll be taken round the street of Jericho, the camel (that’s now only left as a head), the colosseum and much more.
Sand harvesting is done here creating further erosion so that’s tragic. I asked if the erosion could be stopped and I was told it couldn’t. At some point we are shown a spot where a homestead once lay complete with a grave. We were told the bones of whoever was buried there was eventually swept away six years ago.
The place makes for beautiful photography and videography but it comes with the sadness that this is evidence of real climate change.
We were charged 200 shillings per head which you pay to the guide.
Overall Amakove rating: 10/10 for the breathtaking sceneries. 0/10 for the fact that we are all contributing towards climate change and if we don’t mitigate, then we will have many more such gorges.


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