First stop: “Satellite”. A deserted building inside the Mau Escarpment. History has it that the former late President Moi, used it as a secret base for intelligence activities.


Now standing in ruin and occupied by herders and their livestock. Accessing it is through the Chagaik tea plantations around 6km of rough scenic road through the vast plantations. The forest is part of the Mau Escarpment and shelters around 3 families of African elephants each estimated to have a population of thirty elephants. There is frequent human-animal conflict as the elephants traverse the fast-dwindling Mau Escarpment that cuts across a number of counties in Kenya.

At the base of the plantation is a lovely dam that is used to supply water to the neighbouring residential estates.

It would be nice if the county reclaimed the Satellite building and transformed it into a historic place or a resort.



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