Today’s review: Chaimo Hill by Amakove Wala

Touring Tsavo West National Park and wueh! You need a week to absorb everything.
We got the services of Kenya Wildlife Service Deputy Warden for Tsavo West National Park as well as the Ranger stationed at Kilaguni Serena Lodge, Tsavo West, Kenya

You know how Amakove gets herself and her troop to do some crazy shit? Yeah. She did that again today. Deputy Warden was like, let me take you to Chaimo Hill. I said, “Yes, sir!” Will your children climb? I said, “Yes, sir!” He looked at my crocs and asked, Do you have better shoes? I said, “Yes, sir!” I wish he had asked if I would be able to climb because, wueh!

Chaimo Hill is a volcanic one. Looks very manageable but what they don’t tell you is that it is pure volcanic soil/sand. Picture this: you have difficulty walking on a dry beach with loose sand. Now tilt the beach to 70 degrees and walk. I almost gave up after my heart’s palpitations made me breathless. This was after five minutes of climbing. By then my troop save for Z3 were almost halfway. I sat my big ass (I don’t have one but work with me) down and wondered why the hell I love putting myself into such situations. The Ranger was more sympathetic. He asked me to stay there as they made their way on top and would be back for me on their way down. Now that is all the challenge an ENFP needs. To be told that they can give up. Like who even thinks of such an option! ENFPs will do it thrice and take pictures for good measure. Furthermore, I was with Z3 and what example was I showing her. I decided liwe liwalo. If I die, I die going up.

Good people, we made it all the way to the top! The views from there are breathtaking! It’s a lovely place to hold a picnic but remember not to litter. But coming down was a different story. Sliding and falling was the order of the day. The soil just doesn’t have grip. By the time I got to the hotel after driving, my legs were shaking by themselves. Reminds me of an incident where we came down Table Mountain on foot because a couple of us Kenyans were trying to save the money we would have spent on cable car! I couldn’t walk nicely for several weeks.

So if you are the hiking type, this is your paradise. I find it interesting that the Hill is the only one that is volcanic in that section of the park. It is far removed from the one that erupted Shetani Lava.

Amakove rating 10/10 for myself for purely making it without dying.





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