Who we are

With limited information on local travel destinations and a general target of local travel to an international market, the locals felt the need to have a space that is able to address their budgets and travel styles. By coming together under the Wanderlust Diaries platform founded in April 2020, local travelers have been able to share and engage on their own travel experiences. This has resulted in a movement of travel enthusiasts that are not only informed about places they can visit but are also educated on eco-tourism and sustainable travel. Wanderlust Diaries is a travel information-sharing network to support travelers through the inspiration and planning stages of the consumer purchase journey by providing information on what, where, when, and how much.

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Our Mission

A community that promotes sustainable travel and tourism in Africa and beyond
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Our Vision

The go to platform for all matters travel and tourism

Our Outcomes

Increased knowledge on matters sustainable travel and tourism.
Increased budget-friendly travel.
A strong and engaged community of travelers.


Our mantra: Enjoy the journey!

Amakove Wala

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

I love traveling. I have discovered many places in Kenya that are little known. There is a misconception that travel is expensive. As such, I started traveling and documenting my journey using a blog and pictures. I travel for work and for leisure. Alone or with my kids. I have seen people being very engaged about my blogs. They do come back and share their own travel. They seek my recommendations. I have also seen government bodies recognizing and responding to my travel blogs. This is how Wanderlust Diaries was born. A platform that connects travel enthusiasts to promote sustainable and Eco-tourism friendly travel.