Bessotted Farmstay, Naromoru

8th Mar 2021

Mr Man loves taking me on surprise road trips. He knows how much I love them. Ahem. Enough of that. So this particular weekend we were to do a Nanyuki trip and I was tired of selecting the lodges. Someone had just messed up a reservation I had made (I will write about that later) and so I was busy looking for a plan B. We settled on Meru County so keep an eye out for that particular review coming out soon.
When he sent me the picture of where we were to go, I quickly checked it out online. The photos on their page looked nice but I wasn't too sure if it was the type of place I would enjoy. My favourite tour agents didn't seem to know about it. But you know, a control freak like me needs to let loose and trust again (very hard when you are used to making decisions for yourself.
First off, the directions were given by SMS as we were told Google maps would take us to a different place. We were to look for Narumoru Boys High School. Problem was, there are two roads leading to that school as it is a circuit. We unfortunately took the wrong road. But worry not, the locals had us heading the right way after understanding that we were to go to "that big house for Wakili (lawyer)". The road is a 4km or so murram stretch but manageable even with a small car. I love doing road trips with Nyamalo, my slay queen, so she aced it.
The house stands out majestically in the neighbourhood being a one storey amongst other humble homes. It is well secured with an electric fence and I remember we were told to look for a red roof with solar panels. A short driveway leads us to a 2 car port that is well shaded. The landscape is still coming up being a relatively new building but it has potential to be really beautiful. Lots of flowers and a man-made stream complete with a bridge that leads to the main door. We are received by Esther, who serves as our personal chef and house keeper. Very friendly and takes us on a tour of the house. It has 5 bedrooms, all ensuite. Since we have the whole house to ourselves, she graciously gives us the master bedroom that has a fantastic view of Mt Kenya from it's indoor wooden balcony.
Amongst other amenities are a table tennis set, board games, a living room with a fireplace that was lit for us in the evening. Carry your favourite drink and some music. It makes for a perfect relaxation spot. Temperatures can really drop in the wider Nanyuki region. They have various seating areas including an outdoor patio and a barbecue area. We find out lunch waiting as we had called ahead. Fresh vegetables from the farm, freshly made fruit juice and beef pilaf. We get to select what we want and when we wanted it served. Once dinner was cleared, we were left to our own privacy as the staff retire to a separate quarters some distance from the main house. We had breakfast served in the attic balcony while having a fantastic view of Mt Kenya (when she agreed to peep from the clouds). All was well with the world!
The farm generates it's ownelectricity from wind and solar power. They keep a number of livestock and grow their own vegetables. The gardens also have a set of outdoor activities for obstacle competitions like rope climbing and such. Some two slides also serve to while the time away.
We were to go for a nature walk to a nearby water fall but unfortunately we had to leave earlier than planned due to a personal emergency.
What I loved the most was the eco-friendliness of their energy sources, the organic food that was freshly prepared for us and the privacy of the whole place. I'll be back to explore the nature trails.
It's also quite affordable. I think 7000Ksh for BnB for a room. We got that for the whole house. additional meals were also less than 1000Ksh per person.
Amakove rating 8/10. The directions were crazy though but we got there eventually. also if they can correct Bessotted to Besotted...that would be nice. It really nagged me 🙂


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