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Anchored by our heartwarming mantra - enjoy your journey, Wanderlust Diaries brings together a community of travellers to share stories, authentic reviews and give travel trade a platform to connect, showcase and promote their offerings. Our logo represents a golden sunset, a blue ocean and a green landscape brought together in a seamless trilogy; welcome aboard!

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Who are we?

Wanderlust Diaries is a travel information sharing network to support travelers through the inspiration and planning stages of the consumer purchase journey by providing information on what, where, when and how much. The stories by travellers help inspire other travellers, sharing uplifting stories to demystify travel and drive uptake of unique experiences. Amakove Wala founded it in April 2020 during Covid 19 but the group has gained global appeal virtually and is now a movement of travellers sharing stories and documenting experiences.

Our Success Story

" I beat Covid-19, I built a travel community."

From my experience with Wanderlust Diaries, I am convinced that humans have an inherent passion for travel.

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How you can work with us

Wanderlust Diaries boasts over 240,000 members spread across its online platforms. All our members subscribe to our brands to not only keep up with latest trends and updates in matters tourism and travel, but to also share their personalized and exclusive experiences from their own inspiring journeys. The market potential inherent in our numbers is substantial and arguably unmatched in matters tourism and travel across Kenya's 47 counties. Our global travel community constitutes of primarily Kenyans who are living in the country or in the wider diaspora.


Destination marketing

Host the Wanderlust Diaries team for a familiarization trips and mapping attractions, involve us in your social media campaigns to promote and create content, and Co-brand our events like Open Mic nights, weekly County Focus and the Wanderlust Meetups.


Wanderlust-Diaries research

We provide a deep dive on trends that are shaping the future of domestic tourism in Kenya. We understand domestic tourism and can share insights into different segments from budget to luxury travelers; encouraging domestic travel throughout the year.


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Partner with us to reach your consumers in our network. We will pin the flier on the main group for two days, attach images and include social media links and contact information for wanderlust members to sign up. Posts will remain in the group and channels including our newsletter.

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